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Welcome to Rooted Moon Medicinal


Welcome to Rooted Moon Medicinal
Since 2012 Rooted Moon Medicinal has been provide the community of Northern California with high quality Tinctures, Doula Services, Plant Medicines and hand crafted goods,. As well as years of knowledge of healing with herbs.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide knowledge, awareness and the finest natural products to improve the quality of life through health education and herbal medicine.

What makes you unique in our community?
We provide knowledge and education to our community as well as create natural products for beauty and radiance. We work to encourage the growth of the home birth community in Northern California. ag_bottles

What are the frequent comments that you hear from your customers?
The most frequent statement we hear is “Thank you for being here and keeping our community healthy”. The second most frequent thing we here is “Thank you for showing us natural and alternative options for birth”. Generally our customers are looking for an alternative to the main stream health care options. Most often people are looking for another way to become healthy.

What one lesson would you love the general public to learn about/from herbs?
Their amazing healing power and how quickly, yet gently, they work when you have the right remedy.

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