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Welcome to Northern California’s Premier Doula Service

Peace on Earth begins with Birth”

I believe that women have an innate knowledge of how to give birth to their child. I also believe that growing a family offers potential for extreme growth, opening and evolution as a human. I have a deep passion for birth work because I believe that the very essence of birth is the blueprint for each life. It is with so much awe and inspiration that I witness the strength, power and grace that women carry. 

My own growth into a mother fueled me with the passion to support moms and families in this way. During my extremely long and ever challenging labor I realized that what I was missing was a Doula. I felt that I needed someone by my side who knew, trusted, and understood the process of what I was going through. This led me to study midwifery and progress in my evolution as a birth advocate and doula.

I began my studies by participating in a 100 hour course with local midwifery educator Jan Perrone. I have attended workshops on Spinning Babies (tricks to get babies in the optimal birth positions) with Jan Dooley and am certified in infant and child CPR. I have assisted mamas (and papas)-to-be in a variety of settings including home birth, and hospital environments and provided pre-natal and post-partum support for the last year and a half. I am also trained in the Hypbirth program of Birth Hypnosis which offers a way to transform pain into sensations which are productive and useful.

My services are extremely flexible and ever changing depending on each family I am working with. My goal is to get to know the expecting parents as well as possible before birth time so I know exactly what they will be needing from me. This usually means at least two visits pre-natally, typically in the form of sharing a meal, going on a walk, or offering support in any way needed. I also have a book and movie lending library which couples can access throughout our time together. I also provide nutrition information specific to pregnancy and postpartum and herbal supplements as well as alternative options to many issues that may arise. I offer advice and support in developing a birth plan and bring to the parents attention ahead of time, the questions and options that will need answered during and after the birth.

I am officially on call for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the proposed due date. This means that I am never more than 1 hour away and always reachable by phone. Usually the doula is one of the first people you call when going into labor or when experiencing anything that proposes a question or needs support.

I hold grounded, centered and positive space during labor and offer every tool I have to assist the family in achieving what they desire for their personal experience. I am prepared to be a physical reminder of what the birth goals were before labor began and also to aid in providing information and support to parents when plans change and things don’t go quite as expected. I also bring a bag of tricks or tools to the labor in the form of herbs, acupressure, essential oils, homeopathics, guided meditations, music, and advice on positions and techniques to assist a laboring mother and her partner.

Once the baby is born I am there to assist in helping establish breastfeeding and making the situation as comfortable and suitable for the families transition as possible. If the parents desire for the placenta to be encapsulated I can take it directly afterwords and get the vital medicine back to the mama within 24 hours.

My services also include two postpartum visits to process the birth experience and offer guidance and support.

It is my intention to assist you in your innate ability to birth in your own unique way, and to support the natural strengths of bonding, nurturing, connecting, and mothering while feeling balanced, stable and centered. I believe that every pregnancy is special and every birth, a blessing. Each one growing a baby…a mother…a father…a family…a community. I work with each of my clients to tap into their own innate wisdom. I enjoy meeting with mamas-to-be, hearing their birth vision and sharing my knowledge, experience, and energy as well as connecting families with the perfect doula for them.

I am deeply grateful for your consideration and willingness to receive during this precious time in your life. ~ Aloha, gracias, and blessed bee, Audrey

My Prices and Services

I am doing this work because I truly believe it is extremely valuable and strive to make it accessible to anyone that desires my assistance. I do not attend births for free, however I am very open to trades and work exchange of many varieties. If paper money is scarce please talk to me about what other form of exchange you may have to offer. I ask for a deposit when services begin and the rest of the sliding scale fee is to be paid at our last postpartum visit. I ask the parents to honestly asses where they fall in the sliding scale and to observe what my services were worth to you.

Doula Services including: two prenatal visits, on call for birth, and two postpartum visits.
Sliding Scale $300-$700
$100 deposit

Doula Services (same as above) + Placenta Encapsulation services
Sliding Scale $400-$800
$100 deposit

Doula Services (same as above) + Hypbirth Sessions
Sliding Scale $400-$800
$100 deposit

Doula Services(same as above) + Placenta Encapsulation + Hypbirth Sessions
Sliding Scale $500-$1000
$100 deposit

Placenta Encapsulation includes: placenta capsules(usually 150-250), Milky Mama tea blend, After birth tincture, Herbal Sitz bath compresses, and your babies unique umbilical cord keepsake.
Price: $200


Due to increased demand of our doula services, we ask that you try to contact us before your 3rd trimester to better ensure availability.

ALL doula service calls will be taken by:
Audrey Rees at (707)407-7657 or by email.

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