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Placenta Medicine


We can prepare and deliver your custom made medicine from your placenta after birth. Please contact us directly for more information.

Placenta pills may help to:

  • Increase general energy
  • Allow a quicker return to health after birth
  • Increase production of breast milk
  • Decrease likelihood of baby blues and post natal depression
  • Decrease likelihood of iron deficiency
  • Decrease likelihood of insomnia or sleep disorders


Immunological effect:
Oral adminstration of powdered Placenta Hominis to mice lessens the pathological changes from tuberculosis, even though the medicine increases the growth of the germ in vitro. It is thought that this occurs by an enhancement of immmunological system. This medicine also has certain inhibitory effect upon the artificial induction of ulcers.

Hematolological effect:
Placenta Hominis contain a “urokinase inhibiting factor” and factor XIII,and therefore can be used for bleeding from factor XIII deficiency. It also enhances the healing of wounds.

Effect on endurance:
Preparations of Placenta Hominis given to mice increase the duration of their maximal swimming times.

Antibiotic Effect:
Placenta Hominis contains a globulin that has some effect, when injected intramuscularly, in the prevention and treatment of measles and influenza.

Treatment of pulmonary diseases:
Point injection of Placenta Hominis into such acupuncture points as B-13 and S-16 of 8 patients with severe asthma showed good results in 7 cases. When there were recurrenences, repeat therapy was successful.
In another clincal series, injections of a preparation of this substance were used to treat 47 severe and recalcitrant cases of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseae with excellent result in 17 and significant improvement in another 24 cases.
No side effect were noted.

Treatment of dermatological disorder:
A powder made from sterilized Placenta Hominis was used 30 Cases of Skin ulcers, within a few weeks.

Use in promoting lactation:
Powdered Placenta Hominis was used for 57 cases of insufficient lactation. Within 4 days, 48 Women had markedly increased milk production, with the remainder following suit over next three days.

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